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Continuing using our website will be assumed as your acceptance of our Cookie Policy. We will call you back in 15 minutes! I need help placing an order I want to check on the progress of my order I'd like to discuss the quality of my order Other. Hold on! She got no application fee for SC and ST candidates. It is not correct way I think. For last 50 years this policy is in place and we can see that the only thing which it has promoted is the degradation of quality. It's not reaching deep enough in the social strata, helping only those people who already are economically.

So the best thing would be to buttress the social support system, be it monthly payments to support weaker sections of society so that children don't need to work, provide free and quality education in government institutes starting from primary education and above all making it a mission so that common public who is self sufficient gets involved to lift up their fellow citizens.

Even if they get the higher education after getting the reservation Indian private organization discriminate on the basis of caste system so they only depend on govt Job And Govt institution. People said Reservation based on financial its possible? When govt give the scholarship to upper caste student they making they fake certificate and get they scholarship first. I Know if govt give reservation on financial bases all upper caste become poor for getting the benefit.

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Merit is you know why because less no candidate selected so less cutoff. People who make reservation system know the every thing that's why he make caste based system. So most of people called him legends. Its government fault not creating the job in govt sector making every thing private if you have talent go in private institution show your talent if you have.

I know India is still developing country, but we can overcome from poverty by giving financial support to backward family but not to their children if so students becomes lazy. Our great constitution granted equal rights to all its citizens. So here I want our supreme court must try to implement it in right spirit of our constitution.

Denying seats to highly meritorious students seats in professional course is violation of basic education rights and it is human rights abuse. Students who have scored much better is denied will leads disappointment. I want present reservation should be changed. Who have availed these benefits for 2 generation be excluded.

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Only genuine people to get reservation benefits. Student belonging to general merit class be provided seats upto last reserved seats equally. First seats be allotted to all the meritorious students irrespective of caste areas. So abolish reservation do scientific survey before offering reservation. All certificates provided to claim benefits should be counter checked by authorities strictly. Reservation to be provided only on the basis of merit only. So in my view reservation upto some extent is right in the field of education but that should be on the economic basis, but in jobs there should be no reservation, so that only talented people come in the jobs.

If one person is ias and his son study in best school and colleges then why he need reservation. It will bring sweet fruits if it is based on economy of the person. How to Deal with High Oil Prices? Current Affairs Interview Questions and Answers. Megha Landge said: Oct 17, Reservation in higher education only alternative for social equality, I think that the system of reservation which is in India is sometimes may not necessarily cause the, suppose the student who came from the poor background but he not able to pay the fees for particular higher education because of financial problems in this situation the loss of knowledge of that student who have really appropriate for it so I think the reservation depends upon the quality of that student not cast of that student hence by this way the students who have the knowledge a lot of which is really required for developing India or their carrier so reservation depends on skill of student.

Anjireddy said: Sep 22, Hai, this is Anji. Prerna said: Sep 3, The reservation system has helped a lot in the betterment of the society, earlier backward classes were not even treated as humans. Sreevignya said: Jul 5, Hi, this is Sreevignya. Samyuktha said: May 24, Hi this is Samyuktha. Harikrishnan said: Apr 24, Hello friends, I am Hari. Vishal Gulia said: Apr 1, Reservation is a hot topic today. Vishal Prajapati said: Feb 26, Providing education is important but reservation in education is not important.

Short Essay on Should There Be Reservations?

Urwashi Yadav said: Jan 15, Hi friends. Prince Raj said: Dec 3, Reservation in the education system is a very wrong thing because of reservation merit students lose their opportunity. Shukla said: Nov 16, Reservation is a system which has been running for a long time. Shivam Dwivedi said: Oct 29, Hello friends, my name is Shivam Dwivedi. Pardeep Kumar said: Oct 26, Reservation was introduced by Dr BR Ambedkar to provide equal rights to lower caste. Satyendra said: Oct 21, Reservation is the most highlighted topic in our country dr BR Ambedkar include reservation in our constitution for sc, st, OBC.

Ravi said: Sep 27, The main objective of the reservation was to remove social discrimination amongst the people which was highly present in our society before the Independence so that the people who were socially and economically deprived can come forward and be the part of our society. Trgulbargawale said: Sep 20, Reservation in the education system is a very wrong thing because of reservation merit students lose their opportunities. Trg said: Sep 13, Yes, reservation in the education system is very bad due to reservation, merit students lost their jobs.

Gulbargawale said: Sep 13, Yes, reservation is the main thing for India's backward. Payal said: Aug 19, No, it is not the only alternative for social equality. Gagan said: Aug 16, There are still many villages where the condition of backwards classes is still dreadful.

Reservation System in India: Concept, Arguments and Conclusions

Ananthu R Gopal said: Aug 1, I think the reservation should be banned. Tomy said: Jun 7, Reservation was introduced by Dr. Ganesh Arjun said: Jun 5, Checking on the basis of family background it's difficult. Sandeep said: Jun 4, I think reservation should not be in the education system. Naveen said: Jun 2, Sreevignya said: May 26, Hi friends!

Jain said: Apr 16, I think reservation should not be given in the case of education and government jobs or for the admission of government colleges. Abc said: Apr 13, Hello Everyone, As per the discussion I would like to say that reservations should be there,but if anyone says that only the people belonging to the category are getting chance to learn and reserved seats are available for only those. Akash Gonjari said: Apr 3, Hello friends, I am Akash. Himanshu Pandey said: Mar 24, I think reservation should be there but not on the basis of caste, instead if it should exist on the basis of the creamy and non-creamy layer.

Bharti said: Mar 14, Reservation is not necessary because everyone has talent and skills because of this the students having skills are suffering and it's not like that the students who are not getting reservation are rich only everyone has right to explore their ideas and have right to fulfil their dreams. Aritra Majumdar said: Mar 3, It is true that once upon a time reservation was needed because the so-called backward classes needed a place in the society so far as education and jobs are concerned.

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In case of corruption, several judgement can be made easily. Spotting Errors. So overall when it disclose by RBI i hope govt. Rules: Any number of candidates can participate. This law was upheld by the Supreme Court in an interim order in but it constituted a Constitution bench to look further into the issue. This will provide equal opportunity to all. Caste system is a social evil that is present in the Indian society since the ancient times.

Pooja said: Feb 20, Hello friends. Holmes said: Feb 6, The reservation has become an inevitable part of life. Moula said: Oct 28, Nowadays, Reservation system not required. Anshu said: Sep 2, Hi, I read one Had written no reservation required as God has given the same brain to all. Golwala said: Aug 12, Hi friends, The Main motto of the reservation was to uplift the backward section of our society whose life were miserable before independence.

Kamble Raju Sheshrao said: Aug 4, Opinions of all above indicate that reservation is not needed on caste base. Konde Dhanu said: Aug 1, Konde Dhanashri said: Aug 1, Reservation should exist on the economic background, not on the cast. Sayali Thorat said: Aug 1, No, I am not thinking like that, because reservation should be based on the economical background. Vishakha said: Jul 23, Reservation should be there, but not because of casteism but for background status, but one more thing, As being a brahmin, my Dadaji told me DAT their ancestors or upper caste people didn't allow sc st people to grow up, the brahmins n pandits created the casteism n sc st people were not allowed to go to school even, Dr.

Kamal said: Jul 10, As Per my opinion, after 20 to 30 years of independence Reservation to backwards class is right but still it's not favourable. Archana said: Jun 1, Ishita said: May 26, Reservations nowadays are promoting inequality instead of equality.

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Himanshu said: May 16, Many are saying that reservations should have to ban. Sourav Saha said: Apr 13, Hello, everyone, making reservation in the education system and job sectors were made to uplift the backward section of our society whose life were miserable before independence. Aman said: Mar 31, I hope reservation should be based on previous school status in which candidate studying I hope i. Siddhantgawai said: Mar 29, Rathod said: Mar 1, Reservation is better to give according to their income. Yaswanth Phani Kommineni said: Feb 24, Reservation is only problem that people are facing.

Mudit said: Feb 8, Hello everyone, in my opinion, reservation is important but the basis of giving reservation has to be changed soon. Harsha said: Feb 2, Sharan said: Jan 26, Reservation is only for the poor people who deserve not for the people of downtrodden caste who are rich. Bhavanraj said: Jan 15, Reservation was needed only before the independence or 10 to 20 years after independence, but still we all are living under the dark cloud of reservation.

Shaik Inthiyaz said: Dec 23, Reservation is evil of society. Ashish said: Dec 15, Mukesh Panwar said: Nov 22, Subhash Godara Sujangarh said: Nov 14, In my view, in persent situation reservation system became evil and it is escalating across the country such Haryana Jat Quota Stir, Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti in Gujarat and Maratha Aandolan Maharashtra, all third due to politicisation of reservation political parties make promises to particular class mostly majority community to enlist them in reservation list to only ensure their victory, actually these parties have no purpose to upliftment of backward classes. Ami said: Nov 12, Equity is the basis of reservation policy to bring equality. Saksham said: Nov 3, Reservations should be provided only on the basis of financial condition of a person, not on caste base, if government wishes to support people on caste basis they could open coaching institutes to train them instead of reserving a seat which they don't deserve. Anonymous said: Nov 2, According to my opinion, education benefits must be provided not on basis of reservation but on the basis of his financial conditions, because all those reserved are not poor.

Zeeshan Aftab said: Nov 1, In education, reservation should be in terms of fee concession not in admission or jobs. Amit said: Sep 29, Hi, friends. Shireesha said: Sep 28, In my opinion, reservation should be stopped. Siddhesh said: Sep 27, The term reservation came into the picture to encourage downtrodden to take education and make progress. Bharath said: Sep 23, Rajagopal said: Sep 13, Reservation should be purely on merit basis. Venu Gopal said: Aug 10, In my opinion, reservation is one of the waste things to apply in education sector because there is no need of caste in education, in fact, it is killing the chances of merit people, but for better India in future the reservations must be banned in education and finally it is not at all alternative and moreover it creates a social inequality among the students.

Sanskar Agarwal said: Aug 10, Reservation should be given on the basis of the economic condition of the family and not on the basis of their caste. Balam said: Aug 3, The reservation should be on the basis of the actual economical condition of the person. Nirali Suthar said: Aug 2, My opinion.

Long and Short Essay on Caste System in India in English

Ansu Saira M said: Jul 27, Reservations should be provided to the deserved. Deepti said: Jul 10, D Suraj Kumar said: Jul 7, Hi guys, I am Suraj. Samara said: Jun 17, Reservation should never be a part of education system. Priyanka said: May 19, Due to this , competition was increasing for every job and many people are becoming unemployed. They are still fighting for but they came up with their mind that do not interfere with reservation because the people are still believing that the scheduled castes and tribes need reservation.

The politicians are benefited from the reservation but not the public. They only fight for their power and do not consider our problems.

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Your essay should not be less than and not more than There is no doubt on the massive demand for higher education in a country like India. . This reservation system is leading towards a nation where justice is. Also I think reservations should be made on the basis of economical There are simple solutions to this like making education mandatory till.

The public must feel that reservation must be a option but not a platform for everyone. Government should also make sure that every citizen in this country get a equal chance with others. I conclude that, reservation should be continued but it should be for only talented people such that everyone will be benefited and justice will be provided. Government should take an initiation of this process. Notifications Please login.