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The Project Gutenberg eBook, Rose of Dutcher's Coolly, by Hamlin Garland

I fear that, as a people, we are increasingly inclined to dismiss insights that do not come from officially approved sources. And yet, we are only too willing to grant authority to faddish notions and their popularizers. Of course, not all of the fads we follow are without merit: J. Tolkien and C. Lewis have abundantly informed our sensibilities, while treatises by psychologist Scott Peck and psychiatrist-theologian John Sanford have in their time been equally popular items at the BYU Bookstore.

Similarly, Margaret Barker's arresting insights about temple traditions have brought that British Methodist preacher and biblical scholar to BYU as a forum speaker. While this trendy dabbling may seem ecumenical, it serves more to confirm our good opinion of our own religion than to truly broaden our theological understanding. We seize on such thinkers precisely because elements of their thought are familiar and comfortable. Real ecumenism requires a sustained engagement with the thought of "others" that stretches and challenges our familiar and comfortable certainties.

Latter-day Saints have scriptural warrant and authoritative encouragement to diligently seek truth, wherever it is found. And why not? Featuring seminars on fiction, nonfiction, film and theater, the craft of writing, poetry, music, and more, plus some special performances.

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His criticisms were artistic only. Robert could come out but seldom. They were tuneless and none of them, save myself, has been interested in fine music. Great rating and good reviews should tell you everything you need to know about this excellent writing service. Then he said: "Up you go, Madam. Other actors have noted that he prepares for his roles extensively and meticulously. On past shrieking tropical birds and grunting, wallowing beasts, and chattering crowds of people she moved, without a word, till they came around to the circus entrance, and then she lifted her eyes again around the great amphitheater.

Personal essay Songwriting Characterization and dialogue Literature readings. Plenary session with Margaret Young and Darius Gray. All of the papers can be found here.

W Jorgensen. Neila C. Kemp will discuss his experiences in self-publishing, in going with a national book publisher, and what advantages and disadvantages either approach offer. He will also conduct a nuts-and-bolts seminar on self-publishing. Additionally, we will have other guests prominent in LDS literature, film, and theater giving presentations and instructional workshops for those who are or aspire to be published authors, or who are interested in LDS film and theater production.

Seshachari Neila passed away eight days after giving this paper. Skip to content Menu. Sondrup, presiding Neal E. Hart, chair Maureen U. Missionary Fiction. Tate, with comments by Levi S.

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Hunsaker, Chair Elouise M. Larson John B. Abstracts available in the link. Cracroft, chair Eugene England. Held at the home of Levi and Althea Peterson A conference was held, but the information still needs to be found. Edward Abbey: Desert Solitaire An early prophet of environ-mentalism muses on the beguiling landscapes of the arid West. My Post. Experiments in Ethics A moral philosopher's surprisingly entertaining critique of traditional philosophical ethics using modern experimental data.

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Daniel K. Niall Ferguson: The War of the World How the decline of empires and the rise of ethnic conflict defined our violent 20th century. Simon Baron-Cohen: The Essential Difference: Male And Female Brains And The Truth About Autism Presents research that, even at birth, female brains are predisposed toward empathy and figuring out "other minds," whereas male brains are inclined to systematize and classify. My Review. Karen Armstrong: A Short History of Myth Outlines the modern predicament: too many facts, no compelling myths to live by.

The Lord of the Rings and Philosophy One book to rule them all. The Basics of Western Philosophy Fine topical intro. Evolutionary Psychology A new paradigm? Intro Part 1. Intro 1 2 Witches: 1 2 3. Part 1. Beowulf: Trans. And we're all at sea, really. Faking It Ethics, honesty, and the ironic pose. Part 1 Part 2. Revelation, Resistance, and Mormon Polygamy: The Introduction and Implementation of the Principle, — Merina Smith provides a detailed review of how Joseph Smith developed a wide variety of justifications for the practice of polygamy, which started as part of "secret Nauvoo" and only slowly became part of "public Nauvoo.

For the Cause of Righteousness: A Global History of Blacks and Mormonism, Russell Stevenson surveys the history, plus a hundred pages of annotated source documents. Carmon Hardy's extensive collection of source documents related to Mormon polygamy, with introductory explanations. The Council of Fifty: A Documentary History A review of available documentary sources, giving a fairly complete view of this shadowy Mormon institution and its 19th-century history. Webb, a Protestant-turned-Catholic theologian, takes a serious look at Mormon doctrine and theology.

Parley P. Armand L. We are star dust. Alone in the Universe: Why Our Planet Is Unique The prolific astrophysicist and science writer John Gribbin reviews where Earth came from, why it is here, and how it will end in a rain of cometary chunks from the Oort Cloud in about a million years. Read all about it in my post The Fate of the Earth. The Story of Earth: The First 4. Hazen gives a geologist's fascinating review of earth history. Magma is a lot more interesting than you thought.

Michael Ruse: The Evolution-Creation Struggle A philosopher surveys the origin and history of the clash between scientific and Christian worldviews. John Polkinghorne: Exploring Reality: The Intertwining of Science and Religion A scientist-theologian looks at physics, human nature, ethics, and evil. Francis S. Owen Gingerich: God's Universe An astronomer on theism. How to Read the Bible Harvey Cox gives a short but helpful guide to modern readers of the ancient Bible. Did Jesus Exist?

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Wright on the Bible and authority. Steven L McKenzie: How to Read the Bible: History, Prophecy, Literature Stressing genre, this Bible scholar shows how modern readers often force biblical writings into modern categories and thereby misconstrue what the biblical writer was trying to say. Ancient Israelite Religion Susan Niditch explores myth, ritual, experience, and ethics in the Hebrew Bible and using surviving archeological artifacts, revealing a surprisingly diverse ancient Israelite religion.

James M. Ehrman's depiction of the historical Jesus as a Jewish apocalyptic prophet. Friedman: Who Wrote the Bible? Friedman: The Disappearance of God God's retreat from human affairs. Making Sense of the Bible Eight literary types in the Bible. Turner's candid treatment of Brigham Young's life and work.

A reference work that can be profitably read from cover to cover. A Different Jesus?


Robert L. Revisiting Thomas F. All Abraham's Children Armand Mauss examines changing Mormon conceptions of race and lineage from to the present. Joseph Smith, Jr. Glen M. A fine gift for any student of the Book of Mormon. Steven C. Givens: People of Paradox: A History of Mormon Culture The history of LDS architecture, music, dance, theater, literature, cinema, and scholarship in light of four "paradoxes" in Mormon culture: authority vs.

Eugene England and Richard Dutcher in Stephen Carter’s _What of the Night?_

No footnotes, no index, no credibility. Claudia L. Bushman's reflections on the year he spent promoting his biography of Joseph Smith. A Mormon in the White House? Hugh Hewitt's political biography of Mitt Romney. Mauss: The Angel and the Beehive Armand Mauss uses sociology and history to look at the 20th-century LDS stuggle to be accepted as mainstream while retaining a unique Mormon identity.

Sojourner in the Promised Land: Forty Years among the Mormons A collection of essays by Jan Shipps giving her reflections on 40 years as a sympathetic scholar of Mormonism. Surprising new perspectives on many of the key events of the McKay era and the decade following. A must read for any Church history buff. Proving Contraries A collection honoring Eugene England.

Davies: The Mormon Culture of Salvation Uses a variety of models to look at LDS doctrine and cultural practice related to death and salvation, with a lengthy consideration of the "world religion" question. Adventures of a Church Historian An insider's view of Church history. Quorum of the Anointed, A detailed documentary history.

Alexander: Mormonism in Transition The emergence of the modern Church from to God and Country: Politics in Utah "Outsiders" share their views. Barlow: Mormons and the Bible A quiet classic.

Mormon Stories #196: Richard Dutcher Pt. 2 - Early Filmmaking and God's Army

Remini: Joseph Smith Short, objective. Arrington: The Mormon Experience Best 1-vol.

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Christianity: A Very Short Introduction An enlightening little book, with emphasis on understanding what is happening in modern Christianity. C David Grant: Thinking Through Our Faith: Theology for 21st Century Christians A professor of religion opines on tough questions for 21st-century Mormons: historicity, cosmology, evolution, feminism, postmodernism. She favors religion. But Mormon teens seem to be bucking the trend. Nathan O. David F. Ford: Theology: A Very Short Introduction It's not easy to get started in theology, but this short book should do the trick.

richard dutcher parting words essay

My post. Stephen Prothero: Religious Literacy: What Every American Needs to Know--And Doesn't Noted scholar of religion laments the religious ignorance of Americans first half of book and provides a page "dictionary of religious literacy" to help solve the problem. Bart D. Ehrman: God's Problem: How the Bible Fails to Answer Our Most Important Question--Why We Suffer Ehrman examines five biblical explanations for suffering and evil: divine punishment, human action, redemptive suffering, inscrutable mystery, and apocalyptic dualism.

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Good filmmaking is the only thing that will save Mormon cinema. Richard dutcher parting words essay. Richard Bushman writes,. Richard dutcher parting words essay;. Susan Merrill Squier. American Literature. His words are.