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For that reason, admissions and dissertation requirements often differ between the two degrees types. Some leading EdD programs require a capstone project or dissertation in practice demonstrating the effective application of theory within your current organization. Offering flexibility and a focus on applied practice, online EdD leadership programs have become increasingly popular among working professionals — allowing them to:. With both on-campus and online programs, students might want to consider researching the faculty quality, school reputation and accreditation, and admissions and completion requirements.

However, for online EdD programs, you should also consider factors uniquely important to the online student experience, including:. Start early.

What is a Dissertation?

Essays can make a positive difference in applying to competitive doctoral programs. Target programs indicate the topic and suggested length of application essays, but major components include a declaration of academic goals and interests, a statement of what the student can contribute to the college community, and how the program matches their educational goals and research interests. Be sure to touch up a resume or CV for inclusion in the application packet.

Online doctoral programs in education may require an interview. In many cases, the requirement can be completed virtually through Skype or school video conferencing tools. A deadline has the power of a slammed door. Check with admissions offices to ensure that the packet is complete and arrived on time. Depending on the program, students may be required to attend short-term, on-campus orientations or beginning seminars with their cohorts.

These can be required in the summer proceeding the initial fall semester. One way students can offset tuition costs is to perform directed research for a mentor or education professor. Typically the School of Education requires first-year students to declare an academic area of interest. The choice not only informs first-year studies but can lay a foundation for work leading up to the thesis or dissertation in the third year.

This is the strategic time to begin the challenging amount of reading for the dissertation, along with working with faculty mentors in focusing the research. First-year students may begin the sequence undertaking courses in a review of literature in the field, research methodology, statistics and measurement. In the spring semester, the curriculum turns to initial studies in their specialization.

Depending on the degree and focus, students complete courses beyond the core foundation. Classes may include work in school finance, education law, school psychology, ethnographic methods, educational leadership, language arts and reading, curriculum development and instructional design, educational technology, approaches to educational problems and politics in education. Working with faculty advisors or mentors, students further refine their research toward solving education problems or evaluating scholarship in their field.

Students that have not completed the curriculum use this year in finishing core and specialization coursework. At the beginning of the third year, students sit for a comprehensive examination and assessment of candidacy for the doctorate. This is a critical time in measuring progress toward the completion of the degree. Working with mentors and advisors, students propose a thesis to a departmental panel. Courses this year offer direct credits dedicated to research and writing of the dissertation. Depending upon the degree, students typically submit a formal application for graduation.

News and World Report. The School of Education offers an online Doctor of Education program requiring 90 graduate credits beyond the bachelor degree, with 54 credits completed in the Johns Hopkins program. Foundation studies are in the science of learning; educational organizations, contexts and systems; and applied research and evaluation. Students may choose one of five specializations: entrepreneurial leadership in education; mind, brain and teaching; instructional design for online teaching and learning; and urban leadership. Coursework is spread over three years, enabling students to enroll part-time so they may continue in their current jobs.

Coursework is completed entirely online, however EdD students are required to attend a residence program at the end of their third year to defend their dissertation. All states require teachers to hold licenses, also known as teaching credentials. It is important to note that doctoral programs in education do not confer licenses.

Each state board of education establishes and enforces licensing regulations for practicing teachers and administrators. Voluntary National Board Certification is available for pre-K teachers.

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Advanced students in online doctoral education degree programs may already hold pre-K licenses. Most states require separate licensing for public education administrators and principals and require completion of a graduate degree. There are usually no licenses required for postsecondary teachers and researchers, however it is customary for college-level teachers to hold licenses in their education specialties. Community colleges may ask for a subject-specific state credential. Certifications are voluntary, but can bolster qualifications in special education, early childhood education, art education, music education, reading specialists and education administration.

View specific certification requirements for each state. I explored more than 20 graduate programs to find the right way to go. I want to have an impact on training new educators. You have to be proactive in building relationships in your cohort as well as in communicating clearly with your advisors. Professors are not hired to be motivators or hold your hand. And you have to find balance between your teaching work, time with your wife and kids, and hitting all the milestones without falling behind. Despite the pressure of completing the program, keep your hand in teaching.

Stay ahead of readings and assignments, and use all the online tools that keep you engaged in the community. One way to gain perspective is evaluate the time and money that went into undergraduate work, the outcome, and whether a doctorate is a financially sound investment in building on expertise and experience to advance in the professions. When it comes down to money, each individual should assess their goals and what financial returns accompany career changes or advancement. The fundamental cost of an online PhD or EdD is tuition, mapped to the total credits or years comprising the program.

Tuition can vary dramatically by type of institution — public or private, and for-profit or nonprofit. Colleges and universities calibrate tuition by the charge per academic credit, by semester or quarter. Accredited institutions can also offer scholarships, tuition waivers and federal education loans to qualified candidates. Depending on the institution, graduate students enrolled in the PhD pathway may receive student teaching or research assistantships to offset tuition costs, although these commitments can extend the time needed to complete a program.

In addition to tuition, institutions usually charge miscellaneous service fees, and students are responsible for buying books and materials.

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Online Doctoral Programs in Education without Dissertation Having an advanced level degree in education can really set you apart. DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy); EdD (Doctor of Education); DM (Doctor of One of the most common no-dissertation doctorate programs today is the.

Short residencies for program orientation or the presentation and defense of a dissertation could represent expenses, depending on the program. There are cost benefits of pursuing an online doctorate — students realize savings by averting commuting or parking fees, relocation expenses and other costs commonly related to campus-based doctoral programs.

Some institutions do not charge out-of-state tuition for online doctoral degree students. Because online PhD programs are designed to dovetail with family and employment commitments, many students continue to earn income during the course of their degree work. Every educational budget should factor in current costs of living in addition to the price of the degree. But in looking at the return of investment ROI in time and money in completing a doctorate, potential students should determine whether their earnings and opportunities would keep pace at their current level of educational attainment and what they stand to gain by adding a degree.

Bureau of Labor Statistics has compiled a listing of educational careers and related median annual pay in K education, administration, and postsecondary teaching and research roles. Earnings of college professors vary widely. The following earnings do not take into account promotions within the field.

Projecting income and tuition costs is one way to examine the ROI of an education doctorate. The range in tuition for three-year EdD and PhD programs is extensive. Using salary data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics for , the estimates below show potential doctoral earnings, suggesting that a school administrator could recoup tuition costs for the EdD in less than three years. Using salary estimates from the BLS for , data shows that the increased earnings of advancing to postsecondary teaching could pay off the degree in less than four years.

ED in Educational Leadership. ED in Agricultural Education. PhD in Instructional Design. ED in Interdisciplinary Leadership. PhD in Learning Technologies. ED in Teacher Leadership. ED in Curriculum and Instruction. ED in Instructional Systems Technology. ED in Educational Psychology and Technology. ED in Leadership. Is the program accredited, and by which accrediting organization? What are the strengths of the program? What percentage of doctoral students complete their degrees?

New Online EdD Program: No Dissertation, Sensible Timeframe

Educational Leadership This doctoral specialty focuses on developing leadership competencies in strategic planning, operations, teacher recruitment, change management, team building and organizational leadership. Postsecondary Educator Doctoral grads join the faculties of postsecondary institutions as community college teachers or college and university professors.

Health Care Education and Administration Officers Graduates holding a Doctor of Education EdD with a concentration in Health Care Education serve as instructional designers, researchers, consultants, innovators and administrators in governmental, nonprofit, academic and community settings. Principals and Superintendents of Schools Armed with an EdD, these education leaders may serve as elementary, middle and high school principals. Special Education Major studies and research prepare doctoral candidates in leadership theory and evidence-based practice in special education delivery in public or private K schools, education agencies and district-wide organizations.

Postsecondary Education Administrators Education administrators work across the college spectrum in specialties including student advising, admissions and student affairs. Language and Literacy The specialization is designed for research scholars, policy leaders and curriculum developers. Learning and Technology This program was designed for teaching and research professionals working in both academic and non-academic settings.

Online Ed.D. in Leadership Programs

Year 0. Gather professional endorsements A critical component of all applications at the doctoral level is the submission of three letters of recommendation from former professors, education administrators or work superiors that attest to skills in the classroom or other current employment. Complete application essays Essays can make a positive difference in applying to competitive doctoral programs.

Schedule and complete entry interviews Online doctoral programs in education may require an interview. Submit and track application materials A deadline has the power of a slammed door. Years 1. Research residency requirements Depending on the program, students may be required to attend short-term, on-campus orientations or beginning seminars with their cohorts.

Begin applicable research assistantships One way students can offset tuition costs is to perform directed research for a mentor or education professor. Identify specialization or area of interest Typically the School of Education requires first-year students to declare an academic area of interest.

A Doctor of Business Administration with a focus in management is designed to prepare you for strategic leadership. Not only will you develop advanced research skills, but you will also have the opportunity to learn new ways to address complex problems within your industry. A Doctor of Business Administration is a professional doctorate that can help prepare you for high-level management positions in corporations, non-profits, or government agencies.

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Nurses participating in the DNP program will learn to take evidence-based research and put it into practice to improve patient outcomes. Leadership and innovation are also areas of focus to help encourage innovation and positive change in the healthcare system. The Doctor of Public Administration is an applied doctorate that gives you the in-depth knowledge you need to lead effectively and help create positive change in non-profits, government agencies, or similar organizations.

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The Doctor of Public Administration program can help prepare you for a career in academia or to work in the public, private, or non-profit sectors. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows high-demand in the field. The Doctor of Public Health is a professional doctorate degree intended for individuals already working in the field of public health.

The field is interdisciplinary and covers topics ranging from advocacy and marketing to communications and leadership.

Can I get a doctoral degree online?

A number of concentrations are available such as epidemiology and biostatistics. Career options vary, but can include health officer, health policy advisor, and community health director. There are a few online PsyD programs that require no dissertation. Instead of a dissertation, some PsyD programs like Capella allow you to complete a capstone project related to your field of specialization.

A doctoral dissertation, the culmination of most doctoral programs, is a substantial written document in which the student uses the teachings and skills gleaned from the entire program to develop and discuss an original concept, theory or practice that will help advance the field.

Writing a dissertation is no easy feat! They are typically hundreds of pages long, and students work on them for over a year, reviewing research, conducting experiments and analyzing data. Because this project is both daunting and demanding, many universities have come up with alternatives that allow students to demonstrate their knowledge and provide worthwhile contributions to their field without completing a traditional dissertation.

Oftentimes students work diligently through the coursework of their doctoral program, but fall short when it comes to completing the required dissertation. Completing a dissertation is an enormous project, and life, family, careers and other obligations sometimes get in the way.

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For example, the Dissertation Completion Pathway DCP offered by Northcentral University is one example of a structured program that transfers credit for prior academic coursework and provides guidance and mentorship as you work to finish your dissertation. This type of program typically takes years. Not always. In the past a dissertation was required for a PhD, but a growing number of institutions have started to offer online doctoral programs no dissertation.

Instead, students may complete a capstone project to demonstrate their knowledge and provide new contributions to the field. This may be a combination of a research paper and field work, or perhaps you might do some consulting work at a functioning business. One of the benefits of non-dissertation doctorate degrees is that you can finish in less time. Check out our post on accelerated online doctoral programs for a deeper look.

This will open the door to federal grants and loans, as well as many other resources. In addition to Federal financial aid, almost 40 states offer student loan programs. Like Federal loans, the interest rates offered by most state programs are generally less than those charged by private student loan lenders. You can check out the individual State Financial Aid programs here. Additionally, online PhD and doctoral students are often eligible for grants, fellowships, and scholarships. These may be available through the school, large corporations, or professional associations.

You can also check with the financial aid office at the university you choose to learn more about institutional funding and financial aid opportunities. A growing number of reputable, accredited colleges and universities offer non dissertation doctorate programs. Yes, there are quite a few doctoral programs without dissertation requirements.

Instead of the dissertation most commonly used in a Doctor of Philosophy PhD program, a capstone project is required to help you put your new-found skills to good use. In the past, dissertations were required so that you could demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in your field. But universities have started to realize that there are quite a few ways you can do that.

As you can see with the online DBA programs, a few colleges are no longer requiring dissertations. They allow you to complete a doctoral capstone project instead.