Essay on safety health and welfare

Essay on Safety, Health, and Welfare of the Employees

Employer should take all the necessary action to arrange for the safe use, handling, storage and transport of goods and substances.

Introduction to Health and Safety at work

Employer should provide and maintain systems of work that are safe and healthy to the people who are at work. Employer should provide and maintain a safe work place with safe entrance and exit places and also a safe working environment without risk to health and individual safety. It should be noted that it is impossible to remove all risks and hazards from any working place.

The law recognizes this. Therefore level of risk involved always can be balanced against the time, difficulty of taking measures to remove the risk as well as trouble and cost. Employees should always concern about care of the health and safety of themselves and of others who may be affected by what they do and people who are working around.

Employees should follow instructions from the employer on health and safety matters and attend relevant health and safety training conducted by particular organization. Employees should not misuse any equipment that is provided and always use proper instructions given to use those equipment eg fire extinguishers or safety goggles. Employees should always cooperate with the employer on health and safety matters and be sensitive if their safety and health rights when working are violated.

Good facilities can positively benefit health and well-being of the employees and can help to prevent dermatitis. Well being of them increase efficiency of the work they are on and by making them happy with the facilities this will definitely helpful in conflict management and psychological wellbeing of the employees. Its commitment will be to protect the company, its employees and their clients.

It is the policy of the company to perform work of the highest capacity and in the safest manner possible while maintaining agreement with the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Protecting the health and safety of the employees will be a permanent objective. The way of training mainly depends on the nature of the organization, capacity of the organization, the technology available, and the nature of the staff.

But for any kind of organization the fundamental elements of a training needs analysis are the same. It is a three-step process:. In addition to keeping administrative records, an occupational health service normally maintain another two type of records, these are:. This set of records concern the health status of each aspects of the workplace rather than the individual employee.

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Incorrect installation, poor maintenance, no repair or alteration of plant in the workplace when necessary. For simple example for the risk assessment, we can take Construction Company. Here five steps to risk assignment were followed. To identify the hazards, first it should walk around all the areas and places in the construction site to find out where are the places can be potential threat to the health and safety to the employees. And for the next step it should talked through the issues with the health and safety representative, other members of the staff and sometimes with supervisors to learn more about particular places and jobs and with the use of accident book more knowledge about hazards could be gathered.

For each hazard, the fitter should write those hazards. The statement should also contain the details of people in the workforce who are responsible for safety issues. Employees should be given access to this statement and employers should review it on a regular basis. The Health and Safety Authority has published guidelines on risk assessments and safety statements pdf. Protective equipment and measures. The employer should tell employees about any risks that require the wearing of protective equipment.

The employer should provide protective equipment such as protective clothing, headgear, footwear, eyewear, gloves together with training on how to use it, where necessary. The protective equipment should be provided free of charge to employees if it is intended for use at the workplace only.

Essay on Labour Safety and Welfare in India

Usually, employees should be provided with their own personal equipment. There is a range of measures that employers must take in regard to visual display units VDUs. Operators must be given adequate breaks from the VDU. In addition, employers must arrange for eye tests and, if required, make a contribution towards the purchase of prescription eyeglasses. Reporting accidents All accidents in the workplace should be reported to the employer, who should record the details of the incident. Reporting the accident will help to safeguard social welfare and other rights which may arise as a result of an occupational accident.

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Free Essay: Health, Safety and Welfare at Work Health and safety in the workplace is not only the responsibility of the designated Health and Safety Officer. Free Essay: Legislation Health, Safety and Welfare at Work Act Health, Safety and Welfare are applicable both to the employer and the employee in the.. .

An employer is obliged to report any accident that results in an employee missing 3 consecutive days at work not including the day of the accident to the Health and Safety Authority. Health and safety leave. An employer should carry out separate risk assessments in relation to pregnant employees. Under Section 18 of the Maternity Protection Act if neither of these options is possible, the employee should be given health and safety leave from work, which may continue up the beginning of maternity leave.

If a doctor certifies that night work would be unsuitable for a pregnant employee, the employee must be given alternative work or health and safety leave. If this is not possible, the employee should be moved to alternative work. If it is not possible for the employee to be assigned alternative work, she should be given health and safety leave.

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If night work is certified by a doctor as being unsuitable after the birth, alternative work should be provided. If alternative work cannot be provided, the employee should be given health and safety leave. Time spent on health and safety leave is treated as though the employee has been in employment, and this time can be used to accumulate annual leave entitlement. The employee is not entitled to leave for any public holidays that occur during health and safety leave. During health and safety leave, employers must pay employees their normal wages for the first 21 days 3 weeks , after which Health and Safety Benefit may be paid.

Health and safety and young people. An employer should carry out a separate risk assessment in relation to an employee under 18 years of age.


This risk assessment should be carried out before the young person is employed. If certain risks are present, including risks that cannot be recognised or avoided by the young person due to factors like lack of experience, the young person should not be employed.

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Violence in the workplace. The possibility of violence towards employees should be addressed in the safety statement. For example, factors like the isolation of employees and the presence of cash on the premises need to be taken into account.