Good analogies for essays

Analogy Examples for Kids

One of the keys to a paper like this is creativity and insight. Do your best to think in a way that is fresh and original.

You want to give your reader a new look at the concept you have selected. One of his passions is to teach young people how to write better.

Reading actual analogies used by students in essays

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I love this idea! It was rather thoughtful. Thank you for the list of writing prompts.

Essay writing hints - Drawing Analogies

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Writing Topics for an Essay Developed With Analogies

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Sparks said:. A silly, bored, creative high-school student wrote the original list of similes, and then people started adding to the list over the years. So, as you might imagine, we talk of the importance of presenting the arguments, providing the proof e. On June 21, at am don tata said:. Product to producer, such as wool is to sheep.

Negotiating the rough seas of relationships takes patience and skill Friendship can be an exciting voyage. Without friends, we would be adrift and alone. Leave yours below. Analogies can be incorporated and used with any other writing technique as they are not a form of writing in and of themselves but rather a tool that can be used to improve on your writing.

10 Analogy Examples

An analogy works by comparing the topic you are writing about to something that is more relateable. A car engine can be compared to how a heart works and being successful in college can be compared to climbing a ladder to greater heights. To discover what analogies might work for your essays, you will need to apply an "as if" attitude to the topic you are writing about.

Try to see it as if it is something else entirely. In each case, ask yourself, "What is it like?

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