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Learn more about the Goldwater Scholarship. When reviewing nomination packets, Goldwater reviewers are attempting to determine who these individuals are among the nominees.

Transfer Students

Application materials will be as varied as the students who submit them. There are, nevertheless, some characteristics among applications that are worth noting. Nomination materials will be reviewed by discipline.

Goldwater Scholarship Interview

If selected as a USC Goldwater nominee, candidates will be given access to the complete Goldwater application online and referees will have the opportunity to update letters of recommendation. Learn more about each application component under Guidance and Tips.

The Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Program

National Goldwater Competition Application Components. Be concise.

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Think of your application essay as a part of a larger whole including the letters of reference and the application form. No essay can be successful without a clear focus.

An effective thesis sentence announces clearly the central idea to be developed in the rest of the essay. You must have a passionate interest in what you propose to do. The best essays are written about something the author truly cares about. Your essay must go through many drafts, so start early! Show your work to a number of readers whose comments you respect. Consult especially your research advisor and ask your readers to tell you what questions your essays raise that you might not have considered. Revise until you feel that you have made your application into effective reflections of who you are and what you want to do. Keep to word limits and all other guidelines and remember to proofread the entire application.

Barry M. Goldwater scholarship

Website: Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship. Accredited 2- and 4-year academic institutions that have identified a Goldwater Campus Representative with the Foundation may nominate up to five students annually at least one of those five must be a transfer student. No direct student applications or nominations by campuses without a Goldwater Campus Representative will be considered.

Not sure if you're eligible? Students must be nominated to compete for the Goldwater Scholarship. UW is authorized to nominate five candidates to the national competition, and we conduct an internal UW application and nominee selection process each fall.

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For best results, interested students should begin preparing during summer. To apply for UW nomination for the Goldwater Scholarship, please complete and submit UW internal online application form. This application will request short responses regarding your academic and professional aspirations, and will allow you to upload the following materials. Please note, it will be extremely helpful for you to review and consider the Goldwater Foundation's guidance and tips for applicants , even at this UW application stage. Research Essay: Keep in mind that the individuals who will be reviewing your application, both at the campus level and at the national level if nominated, will be attempting to evaluate the likelihood that you will pursue a research career in the natural sciences, mathematics or engineering.

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Therefore, your responses should help the reviewers understand that you have the appropriate background, experience, skills, temperament, and interest to pursue a long-term career in research. This does not mean, for example, that you should simply state that you have the temperament but that you should demonstrate through your work that this is the case. Curriculum Vitae CV : While your CV should be brief and concise, please also be sure to include brief descriptions of those research, work, volunteer, internship, leadership and other experiences and skills you include, so the readers can get a sense of their importance to you.

CVs can be as long as needed to include these details. We also host quarterly workshops on CV writing.