Conceptual framework in thesis writing

How to use a theory to frame your research study or dissertation

This simple technique reveals your knowledge of possible limitations. A theoretical framework must mention any previous research and point out unstudied areas and existing problems while identifying the purpose of your work by discussing the existing knowledge of this topic. Explain the foundation for existing problems in broad terms. Describe how your proposed study leads to investigating them successfully or mention any gaps in previous research studies to address them in your paper.

Describe the case for your study and build its theoretical framework by giving references to prior research projects because a literature review matters to any thesis or dissertation. It should introduce a valuable literature review by mentioning major themes. Connect all dots between your chosen problem, research, and targeted audience. After closing your theoretical framework, readers need to understand the context and content of your problem, its impact on the field, who participates in your project, and who will benefit from it.

Creating an appropriate theoretical framework for your study or project is an important process. How to complete it successfully? It requires a thoughtful and deep understanding of your research question, purpose, problem and significance, so you need to rightly align and connect all of these elements to let it be the best foundation for your work and guide your choice of data analysis and research design.

Imagine a theoretical framework as the electrical system running through your house. Your purpose, problem, research question, significance, data analysis, and methods must flow through each room to connect all elements together and deliver power. Every room in this house requires electricity and every aspect of your piece of writing must connect to a theoretical framework. It determines a root problem or other variables and offers an inherent.

It identifies the area that requires your further research and helps you address existing issues, and you need to know how your theoretical framework connects to it. It defines the main purpose of your study. There are certain questions that you should answer to describe how your chosen theoretical framework relates to this purpose:. Describe the importance of your exploration. You need to determine why your chosen topic matters and who considers it to be important, explain the potential value of your project and how it will add to existing knowledge, describe why readers should care about it, etc.

How to Write a Proposal and Conceptual Framework

This section can help you detect the targeted audience. You need to use a special concept map to align your literature review and a theoretical framework easily and fast. This effective method will help you write a literature review in the best and most organized manner and ensure that you align it with your theoretical framework.

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Our Process. Outstanding Service features Ph. Assistance offers various types of Conceptual framework writing services like Topic selection or choose your topic It is the foremost step that you need to decide the research topic. The topic must be within your field of discipline. Literature review Decide objectives and do the review for the relevant and updated research on those objectives that are desired to be worked upon after examination of the issues.

Preferably use any peer-reviewed and popular scientific journals as they are considered as trustworthy sources of databases or information. Segregate the important variables Identify the variables in the literature review and note down how they are related to your research theme. Some of the abstract include the variables and its salient features and hence may be helpful, suppose if these are not obtainable, then search the research paper summary. Still, if the variables are not described in summary, just come back to the research methodology chapter or the results and discussion sections and quickly identify the variables of the study as well as significant findings.

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Importance of Theory

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Study Conceptual Framework

That way, you'll have complete peace of mind prior to submission and save yourself months of costly revisions. Tags: literature review , PhD thesis , structure , writing guide , writing template. I came across your posts while helping my wife with her work I finished my PhD two years ago , and I keep thinking…hmmm the pain I went through to learn this… thank you for making it so easy for others…. Thanks for the kind words. I remember how difficult I found my own PhD, so my motivation is to make life easier for as many other PhD students as possible. This is very helpful because am really struggling to write my theoretical section.

I have a question, I selected a framework but realised it has shortcomings, so I decided to include a model, but also I have another theory. All the three are confusing me how to structure them please I need your help.

Writing Ideas

Thanks for your email. Do you want to have a one-on-one coaching session with me? Click here for more details and to book yourself in. Hi, I find this post very informative, but a little confusing still, because there is a mixture of ontologies, epistemologies and logics. I suspect that a theoretical framework should locate itself on this matrix.

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I hope others find it helpful. Hi Dr Thank you very much for making Theory framework so simple. However, i m still waiting for your guide on how to come up with a conceptual framework. Hi, thanks for the kind words. If you want to let me know the problems you are having in more detail, send me an email to contact[at]thephdproofreaders.

Thanks, Max. Please enter an answer in digits:. Structuring a thesis Eureka! Have you ever had a eureka moment? Did I come up with a ground breaking discovery that would revolutionise my field? Did I develop a new theory that would change the way we think about the world? Sound silly? The theoretical framework is important, but many people find it difficult. I know I struggled with it. Then someone explained the theory framework to me in such a simple way. Let me explain. So, your job in a theoretical framework chapter is to discuss in detail what the tools look like, how they behave, how they have been used before, how they relate to one another, how they are relevant to your aims and objectives and what the drawbacks are from using them.

The methods chapter then discusses how you will use operationalise those tools. This is not a normal blog subscription. Each day we send a short, thought-provoking email that will make you think differently about what it means to be a PhD student. It is designed to be read in thirty seconds and thought about all day. Imagine you are studying local government responses to climate change. You could approach this question with a focus on, say, psychology, power, gender, economics, and so on. The best we can typically hope for - and this is particularly true in much of the social sciences - is an interpretation of the truth.

So - and this is important - we use theory to focus our attention on a small sub-set of all potential explanations, on one particular viewpoint. Without a theoretical framework we are left with a potentially endless choice of potential viewpoints, which would make our data collection and analysis and our discussion hugely chaotic. Your PhD Thesis. On one page. Download now. The theoretical framework is a natural extension of the literature review. The purpose of the literature review, amongst other things, is to highlight gaps and shortcomings with the existing work in your field.

The theoretical framework details the perspective you will take to address that gap and shortcoming. In your own research you will also need to make an informed decision about the particular theory you will employ to guide you through the rest of the research. Instead, think of it as a separate, mini literature review , this time focusing on the theory you will employ. Remember, your examiners are likely to already be familiar with the theory, meaning that rather than discuss every possible thing that there is to discuss about it, you instead need to discuss how and why the theory has been adapted and adopted to the context of your research.

The key when writing your literature review is to show your understanding of the broad theoretical school and to define the key concepts , both with reference to the existing literature, but also to your research questions and problem statement. These aren't necessarily in order, but they are all things that you will need to think about and, if relevant, discuss.