Was world war two inevitable essay

Why Did Japan Attack Pearl Harbor?

Efforts by the Germans to redirect manpower and take the offensive in the west failed and, on November 11, at am , faced with allied successes, massive disruption at home and the impending arrival of vast US manpower, Germany signed an Armistice, the last Central power to do so.

Each of the defeated nations signed a treaty with the Allies, most significantly the Treaty of Versailles which was signed with Germany, and which has been blamed for causing further disruption ever since. There was devastation across Europe: 59 million troops had been mobilized, over 8 million died and over 29 million were injured. Huge quantities of capital had been passed to the now emergent United States and the culture of every European nation was deeply affected and the struggle became known as The Great War or The War to End All Wars. It was also the first to see poison gas used on the battlefields, a weapon which both sides made use of, and the first to see tanks, which were initially developed by the allies and later used to great success.

The use of aircraft evolved from simply reconnaissance to a whole new form of aerial warfare. However, later generations of historians have found mileage in revising this view. While the Donkeys have always been ripe for recalibration, and careers built on provocation have always found material such as Niall Ferguson's The Pity of War , the centenary commemorations found historiography split between a phalanx wishing to create a new martial pride and sideline the worst of the war to create an image of a conflict well worth fighting and then truly won by the allies, and those who wished to stress the alarming and pointless imperial game millions of people died for.

The war remains highly controversial and as subject to attack and defense as the newspapers of the day. Share Flipboard Email. World War I: An Introduction. Table of Contents Expand. Belligerent Nations. World War I on Land. You need to balance the power. And you can Balance that by arming yourselves with Nuclear Arsenals, enough that could neutralize or bring some significant damage to your foe.

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If Ukraine did not stop its nuclear program back in the 90s do you think Russia would just cruise in Crimea without blinking? Give them a reason not to go to war, and not because of money but the inevitable and total destruction of both sides. Because, economic interests in their own right are not hot button enough, apparently, and are too easy to argue about because they tend to be too abstract and theoretical for most people to worry about, let alone fight, kill and die for, it means more visceral reasons have to be found to aggravate the fighting spirit in a population.

Corporate Boardrooms tend to be coolly calculating and they expect others to do the dirty work and support the extreme emotions. Even the wars of nationalism and religion in the late middle ages and renaissance were really economic wars fought over incomes derived from religious affiliation, the ownership of confiscated church properties fortunes in feudal rents livings provided for clergy and other religious offices, and government payments to religious officials allied to royal and ducal courts. And that era also saw wars by nation states prosecuted to increase the tax rolls of the government.

Governments went to war, spent fortunes in blood and treasure, with the expectation that victory would make it all back and far more. They also engaged in the looting, for the common foot soldier, and taking of spoils of war from the new territories. The nobility took lands. If the conquered government, a new government is made quickly enough to make sure an agreeable government is in place to sign the paper work. Any future Iraqi government that tried to increase its stake would be immediately destabilized.

WW2 - OverSimplified (Part 1)

If the government is not agreeable enough or has ideas and priorities of its own, a new government can be installed by aggravating social wounds. Any party can inflame a mob through covert aid and the major powers all do it, and lie through their teeth about it. By the turn of the 20th century, the great European empires have been around for a good years. They colonized just about everywhere worth colonizing. They have become exceeding rich, and exceedingly arrogant packed solid with hubris. By Germany built a full battleship navy designed to fight the British navy. Other European states followed suit, hell bent to protect their empires.

WW1 was started by the big European empires fighting among themselves. Today the European empires are gone, destroyed by themselves. No country in Asia has desire for empire, and none foolish to repeat the grand self-destructive mistakes of Europe that caused WW1 and WW2.

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That fact is not widely appreciated. In the USA pop. As long as government policy is mainly directed by their agenda we will continue to experience wars. As Americans our votes and our voices have no power. There were street marches, millions of people strong, against the Iraq war. The war machine ignored it, corporate media beat the drums for war. I mean one could argue that these alliances are preventing war: the most clear case is in the Far East, where the U. Korea attacks S. Without those guarantees, you can bet all of these countries would get nuclear weapons in short order.

Moreover, the perception that Obama is sending mixed messages in that part of the world about this may be why China has become more aggressive. From the earliest civilizations as far back as B. Check out the earliest empires. What is China doing in international waters trying to establish sovereignty? Once again, all about economics. Think about it. Using the inadequacy of economic connections to argue against sanctions rather than military intervention is a curious way to prevent a world war.

And then to top it off by pointing out the danger of alliances just compounds the mess. I would say that there is a hidden agenda here, except that it is more muddled than hidden. Too much has been written about the causes of WW-I. It must pay well. That is the relevant economic interest. We are always lulled by conditions in the most recent past.

They were lulled in and we are lulled now. But there is no end to war. The politically and economically powerful will always fail to settle their differences through negotiated compromise. And, most ominously, the common people will always rush to wave the flag whichever flag , don the uniforms and take up guns to kill and be killed in very large numbers. I doubt it can be done.


This has come at great cost mind you. Tell me what this is? Was it Pearl Harbor ? Was it the burning down of the Germany Parliment, or the Crystal Naght the burning of all the Jewish temples in Berlin.

There is too much distrust and division within our nation. After the way western media portrayed WMD situation in Iraq pre, we should know better than that. Fool me once, shame on you… etc.

Was Cold war an inevitable result of the World War II? Essay

First, the US was involved in engineering the collapse of the Ukraine government. Second and more importantly, that there is a third major player hiding in the shadows in this situation. The US knew perfectly well that if the government of the Ukraine collapsed, Russia would annex Crimea and instability in eastern Ukraine would ensue; Russia would try to maintain a buffer between its border and NATO countries.

If western media had any integrity it would not let anyone get away with feigning surprise while pointing their finger at Russia. The US had little to gain as a nation by the collapse of the Ukraine, but the Arab Spring demonstrated that the US has the technical ability to assist the collapse of certain governments.

The Cold War Was Inevitable Or Not?

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Around Seventy Eight Years Ago, World War Two Was Inevitable

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