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Essay on In The Time Of The Butterflies

Clearly, the use of tear is even applied to his own men in addition to the common people, which give us some insight as to the legitimacy of his rule. In using the word terror. Usually, one is scared after eing intimidated by something. In using reproving diction, Julia Alvarez is simply tying to make us aware about the cruel acts hy Trujillo.

Furthermore, rhe tyrannical ways of Trujillo are palpable in the quote.

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Maria Teresa is being tortured in order to persuade her husband into doing something. Clearly these acts are unacceptable to us, and it was definitely viewed as immoral to Alvarez. Her use of phrases like these are definitely justified as in reality, Trujillo is doing bad things and should be considered a dictator. Rules are restrictions and too many ules lead to the entrapment of citizens.

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In essence, no one has the courage to stand up to Trujillo. When one thinks of spies, they link it to secret, sneaky, and overall, lack of privacy Clearly the use of spies cannot be granted by just anyone, and in doing so, Trujillo gives himself a dictator image. When one thinks about rotten, we feel a sense of disgust, horridness, and maybe even expired. In using expired, Alvarez bluntly states that it is time for a change.

The many unfair laws ontribute to the vast number of flaws in his system. Additionally, many ot his prejudices and decisions revolve around the basis that women are inferior.

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In fact. For example, Minerva duly earned her degree in law but was given a egree that abolished her practice. The injustice here performed by Trujillo makes it dear where Alvarez stands. With that in mind, the truth is that Trujillo is nor a legitimate ruler and his actions and unfair regime contribute to his authoritarian image and at the end of the day, it only provokes Alvarez to use harsh words of stern disapproval.

For example, in Germany, the citizens have a woman as president because now society supports them and believes in them. My essay is going to focus on the role of the main women in each story. Celie, Nettie, Sofia and the Mirabal sisters. The reason I decided to talk about this topic is because even though I am a man, I think women should receive the same treatment and opportunities as us, men.

Essay about In the Time of the Butterflies

And also because it is very important to know that women have an important and essential role not only at home but also in labour lives. In The Time of the Butterflies is a story that talks about the lives of the Mirabal family, especially of the Mirabal sisters. This story takes place in the Dominican Republic where each Mirabal sister narrates the story according to her point of view.

These women were involved in a movement against Trujillo, who at that time governed the Dominican Republic. This man was an oppressor and he governed the nation in a brutal and cruel way. This movement against Trujillo shows the Mirabal sisters as strong women, women who fought for their rights and who gave their lives in order to get the treatment any woman deserved.

On the other hand, The Color Purple is a story about violence, oppression and discrimination against women. Celie, a little black girl, is raped by her stepfather many times. She had two babies by him. Celie receives discrimination from white people, who treat black people as animals or, at best, as servants. Celie is given to Mr Black by her stepfather. Mr Black forces Celie to have sexual relations with him. He beats her. The babies Celie has had from her stepfather have been taken away from her.

Celie knows nothing about love because she has never experienced that feeling. She has just received beating and oppression from everyone. Mr Black has a son, Harpo, who marries to Sofia. Harpo humiliates and hits Sofia. But he gets a huge surprise; Sofia will not allow it. Sofia is a strong and independent woman who fights for her rights. As we see, these two stories have many things in common, and one of the most important is the role that women play in each novel. In The Time of the Butterflies, the Mirabal sisters grew up in an upper class because their father was a businessman.

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The Mirabal sisters were very close and they were expected to get married and to have babies, and that is what they did. The Mirabal sisters supported each other in any decision they made.

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Within the small business or individual user markets, how should Butterfly further refine its target market s? She Continue Reading. Things that would be very bad for Minerva. When Minerva describes wanting to leave home to go to school, she considers herself trapped at home, and she views going to Inmaculada Concepcion as a kind of escape. As an individual. Even though he owns many extravagant mansions, he often deprives the people of Dominican Republic by making laws that are unjust and taking their land and selling them at a low price.

Here we can find a clear similarity with The Color Purple; it is because in this novel the sisters Celie and Nettie were always very close as well. Even though these sisters were separated from each other, they were together their thoughts. Another similarity between these two stories is that in both novels women have very traditional roles. She has to do everything Mr Black wants; she was even forced to have sexual relations. Celie was hit by Mr Black and she received a terrible treatment.

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Even though Celie was just fourteen years old Mr Black did not allow her to attend school. Women at that time were expected to get married and become mothers and going to school did not make any sense at all. It is another similarity with In The Time of the Butterflies, people also thought that women should stay at home with the children. A clear difference between these women is that in The Color Purple Celie, the protagonist of the novel, and her sister Nettie, did not have the opportunity of attending school.

They were poor and they did not have someone who could support them. However, these sisters suffered too, but in a different way. The Mirabal sisters suffered because of Trujillo. Trujillo was the government of Dominican Republic at that time. He was an oppressor and his dictatorship was brutal. Trujillo used to treat women as objects, he could have any woman he wanted because he had the power. Here, we have another similarity with The Color Purple, in this novel Mr Black was an oppressor and a dictator too.

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He forces Celie to do things she did not want to do. However, Celie had to obey him, and she did not have the opportunity to say what she really thought. Black loved. In The Color Purple we have Sofia, character who for me is the strongest woman in the novel. Sofia married Harpo, Mr.